Who is Petra?

Hello World,

My name is Petra and I am on a mission to help other woman by sharing my story. I will not hide in shame. I am tearing off the band-aid and unlocking the pain that’s deep down inside. My childhood years were full of abuse; mental, emotional, verbal, physical and sexual. I have very rarely spoke in depth of this part of my life.

It was NOT my fault and I am NOT ashamed anymore!

unlocked pain from abuse

Today, I free myself of all the pain I kept locked inside. This pain changed my personality for a long 36 years.
I was angry, took everything personally, I had no personality, didn’t’ know how to joke around and smiling or laughing felt “awkward” to me.

What makes me smile today? My two boys, my fiance, my friends, my family and YOU! Yes, you reading this right now. I smile because you’re here, you’re strong and you’re amazing.

Why am I here? I believe for myself, the way to heal from these emotional wounds. Is to help others who struggle too. I am going to share everything that I kept bottled up inside. I never want anyone to feel alone. I want to provide a platform for so many that need it.

I don’t know the “correct” way to heal. I don’t even know if there is such thing as a “correct” way to healing. I only know my way and my journey.

My story will not end as just another sad story. I will make a difference within myself and I hope to empower other woman through sharing my story, talking openly and simply caring.


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